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Message Subject Proof that the Bible is Supernaturally Designed, fulfilling Prophecy in this Thread
Poster Handle 232
Post Content
Spicy oregano

right away, almost, and I didn't even have to look, it went to seed. Anyways, besides that I combined the first and second post on this page into the second post, What I'm currently working on here of worth at the top, and it is the same as the last time it was posted, nothing has been changed, there are no new numbers to show with their future unknown colors.

If the pattern isn't already obvious, highlighting more of the symmetry may be to much of a good thing, a less is more type of thing.

Verse 18

A New Commandment? or Re-Newed Commandment?

A New Moon? or a Re-Newed Moon?

A New Covenant? or a Re-Newed Covenant?

Updates, more coloring if necessary and other things of note will be edited into the above

And then, by a post, LOOK

and maybe

an update of what else I did in the meantime.

Dishes, taking out the trash, picking up dog shit poop among other things do happen - And the big dog walk-bike ride later, just before sunset when it cools off.
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