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Message Subject I'm About To Implement a Test Run For A New VPN And Proxy Blocking System For GLP...
Poster Handle ScrumpTheTexan
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77380799

 Quoting: ScrumpTheTexan

Actually...this entire board has turned into one big Trump-hating forum

Trump-hating is the new normal now

Anyone who spurts Trump is now being attacked and banned,
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 76549177

This will cut down on 90 + % of the shill posts.

Every day, I'd watch anti-POTUS threads get created & literally nearly every reply would be from a unique IP that had never posted on GLP before.

Multiple threads, every day, with one guy doing most of the replying from proxies talking to himself.

Plus, the lib shills would start multiple threads, all from unique proxies, and would cross-reply between them to create the illusion of tons of people talking shit about The President.

On some of Trin's threads where he was questioning something POTUS had done, there would be 30-40 unique never posted on GLP before IP's, all replying 'Yeah! Fuck Trump!" "Trump's a traitor!" "He needs to be impeached!" ...and various other negative shit, trying to make it look like there were dozens and dozens of people with the same opinion, when in reality, it was one or two proxytards.

I think this is awesome
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