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Message Subject NEVER FORGET WHAT HAPPENED on 9/11 2001!
Poster Handle England
Post Content
Forget? No I haven't forgot.

Date of attack was 911, 9+1+1=11
each building had 110 storeys
after 911 there were 111 days left till end of year
119 is the area code for Iraq and Iran
Twin Towers side by side looks like an 11
first plane to hit the towers was flight 11
New York was the 11th state to be added to the union
New York City is a total of 11 letters
Afghanistan is a total of 11 letters
The Pentagon is a total of 11 letters
George W Bush is a total of 11 letters
Flight 11 had 92 on board, 9+2=11
flight 11 had 11 crew members on board
flight 77 had 65 on board, 6+5=11
September the 11th is 254th day of the year, 2+5+4=11
Building 7 that fell had 47 storeys, 4+7=11
There were exactly 911 days between the New York attacks till the Madrid train bombings on March 11th 2004
Trade Centre is a total of 11 letters
Skyscrapper is a total of 11 letters
first fire unit to arrive was FDNY unit 1 which lost 11 firemen

I could go on and on with these numbers but I think you get the point.
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