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Message Subject NEVER FORGET WHAT HAPPENED on 9/11 2001!
Poster Handle InterMezzo
Post Content
I did not want to post this in the other thread, maybe it is more appropriate here.

This poem I wrote on that terrible day, to control my feelings. I was so pumped up by all the emotions, I wrote it in less than 10 minutes or so..

Nightmare From The Sky

Just a Tuesday in September
left so many people to die
the day turned into darkness
as nightmare fell from the sky

where are the words of comfort
when all there's left is cry
what is the use of asking
to give me the reason why

all these souls so precious
on the road and in the sky
unaware that what would happen
caused that ultimate goodbye

who stole all my loved ones
and revived my darkest fears
knowing that their actions
caused rivers full of tears

give me a reason for living
give me tears enough to cry
strength to tell my children
that nightmare fell from the sky

someone give me the meaning
of religion wrapped in holy war
when hate against another human
makes our belief worth dying for

Like I said in the other thread, now, so many years later, I have a different view on all that happened that day, but the sadness over the loss of so many innocent lives remains till this very day. hf
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