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Message Subject 18 Years Ago Today People In Caves With Box Cutters Outsmarted NORAD...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
They didn't live in caves and box cutters can do a lot of damage as a weapon.
 Quoting: Nuke Dukem

Another fucking idiot.
No mo fo with a box cutter could take over any plane I am on and I'm an old woman with balls.
It was Global Hawk technology. The people in the planes were gassed or taken off at Cleveland Hopkins in the case of the so called plane that went down near Pittsburgh.
 Quoting: hollyavila

If you're an old woman with balls you should see a doctor about that, lol. The government can't do shit right. I don't believe in some giant conspiracy and cover-up without the government fucking it up. There are some inconsistencies that I have questions about.
 Quoting: Nuke Dukem

building 7 is the smoking gun
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