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The Seal of Solomon

Anonymous Coward
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09/11/2019 07:24 AM
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The Seal of Solomon
The Seal of Solomon (Hexagram/ Star of David) is a highly charged spiritual symbol, it can be compared with the number 13 ...

We have often heard it said that the number 13 brings bad luck, particularly when people gather in a group, and that we must never be 13 at table. Why? Because the number 13, which is a living entity like all numbers, acknowledges and welcomes only those human beings who are truly pure. And because this number is also very active and dynamic, it can harm those who do not possess the feminine qualities of goodness, love and gentleness which counterbalance its influence. You must be pure and full of love in order to feel at ease with the number 13. On the physical plane the number 13 is linked to the cross (1 + 3 = 4), that is to say, to suffering, to prison. The cross is a cube unfolded into two-dimensional space, and a cube represents limitations, or a prison. The number 13 can therefore ‘bring back luck' as we say; but the misfortune does not come from the number itself, but from the particular manner in which each person receives its influence, according to his physical and psychic structure, or his degree of evolution. This explains why, in response to the number 13, certain people fall ill or have accidents, others begin to reflect on things, while still others feel stimulated to act, and to act wisely.

If people are uneducated in wearing such a highly spiritual and challenging symbol, in other words, they are forced to achieve spiritual aims with material tools, by any means they have at their disposal.

Therefore unripe souls (misleadership of Israel) will use the crudest, material ways to enforce, for example the Kingdom of God in Israel, a uniquely spiritual concept with brutal material force by abusing the Israeli Army to enforce it, not realizing that they should have chosen a peaceful path to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth ... the Kingdom of God cannot be achieved by brutal force, only via Love, Wisdom, Truth, Light, Harmony, Compassion, Respect, Tolerance, ... if they continue to do so, they will end up in an absolute tragedy, and they themselves brought it unto them ...

"The seal of Solomon is a figure formed by two equilateral and intersecting triangles. (Diagram) The triangle pointing upwards represents the human being, striving toward the divine world through his spiritual work. The triangle pointing downwards represents the descent of the divine world, which seeks to penetrate the human being with its light. The circulation of energies from one world to the other is indicated by the fact that the two triangles not only intersect but communicate. Unity is the truth of creation: thanks to the relationship they maintain with one another, the higher and the lower, the superior and the inferior, spirit and matter must become one, for in this fusion, one never ceases to enrich the other. That which is inferior is absorbed by that which is superior and, at the same time, becomes its material receptacle as well."

"Christians are accustomed to seeing the cross only as the instrument of Jesus’ torture. But the truth is that the cross has much greater significance. Of course, it reminds us of the death of Jesus, but that is only one aspect. Jesus’ crucifixion was one moment in history, but the cross itself is the symbol for a cosmic reality and must, therefore, be understood more broadly. The vertical line represents the masculine principle, the horizontal line the feminine principle, and the two lines are not separate; they actually cross and, by crossing, become one. So the cross symbolizes the work that the two principles, the masculine and feminine, achieve together in the universe.

From the cross is derived another symbol: the hexagram or Solomon’s seal, which consists of two interwoven triangles. In changing from a straight line to a triangle, the cross has gained new meaning, but the idea is the same, the law is the same; it is always about the work of the two principles."

"The twofold nature of man - human and divine - places him between the lower and higher worlds. It is up to him to decide and choose the divine principle within him, the spirit. But you will say, 'Why doesn't the spirit impose itself upon him, since it is almighty?' Fire is also almighty, it can burn everything; but just light a candle and see how feeble the flame is; it goes out at the least breath. The spirit is weak like fire; if you do not nourish it, it cannot do anything. This is what you must finally understand. Do not just stay there waiting, relying on the omnipotence of the spirit: if you do nothing to attract it or hold it, it too will do nothing. The spirit is almighty up above, but here on earth it cannot do anything until you give it the right conditions for its expression. It is up to you, therefore, to be determined and to give priority to the spirit."

Our higher self, our divine self is constantly sending us messages; and if we do not receive them, or if we receive them in a deformed manner, it is because we have accumulated too many impurities within us. Consider an oil lamp whose glass is smoky: its flame is not as luminous, as far-reaching or as beautiful as when the glass was absolutely transparent, and it must be cleaned. Well, a human being can be likened to an oil lamp: his inner light wants to manifest through him, this light, which is love and wisdom, must pass through all the layers of impurities he has accumulated as a result of his immoderate lifestyle, his disordered thoughts, and his egotistical sentiments. He must therefore cleanse and purify himself until his physical, astral, and mental bodies become so transparent and pure that this divine light, buried within him and struggling to emerge from the darkness, may shine in all its brilliance.

Through his higher Self, every human being is a divinity who lives in a sublime region where there is no sickness, suffering, limitation or darkness. But humans cannot yet feel or manifest this life of plenitude that exists on high, because their lower nature will not allow it. It is obtuse, narrow-minded, maladjusted and poorly tuned, exactly like a radio that is unable to receive certain frequencies. Waves propagated in the sublime regions by cosmic Intelligence are very short and very fast. Because our own matter is so thick and opaque, it cannot vibrate in harmony with these divine messages, and they slip by us without leaving a trace. Until we have worked on ourselves and refined our psychic matter, we will know nothing of our higher Self.

"Quite unexpectedly, it can happen that you suddenly feel flooded with light, that all of a sudden you are being projected upward, all the way to your higher self. You are dazzled by this beauty and immensity, and it feels as though from this moment on nothing could bring you down from these heights. Unfortunately, this doesn’t last. You have to pick up the threads of your everyday life, with its same worries, its same temptations, its same weaknesses. You feel cut off from your higher self, like a fragment cast aside, rejected. Some time later, you again feel enlightened, illumined, but once again it doesn’t last long, and you begin to feel discouraged.

No, you must not allow yourself to be discouraged by the fluctuations in your consciousness. If you persevere in your spiritual work, one day, after all the highs and lows, the light that comes to visit you will no longer leave you. You will have crossed to the other shore, and you will be saved forever."

As long as man is content with the image of what he is now, he is held back in the lower degrees of evolution, for this mediocre, mundane image influences and limits him. He must work to form a much more beautiful, nobler and more luminous image of himself, because that image, in turn, will influence him; it will produce other vibrations and arouse other spirits in him. He will want to resemble this image and will thus make progress; otherwise he will stagnate and never know his own reality.

You will say, 'But what reality? It's what I am here and now that is real?' No, this reality is not the true reality. The true reality, the only reality is your higher Self. The rest - what you consider to be reality - is an illusion, a lie. That is why you must look for your higher self, your divine self, which is the only reality, and try to identify with it.


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Thread: What is "The people of Israel" ?


Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/07/2019 12:14 AM
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Re: The Seal of Solomon

The Queen of Sheba is a figure mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, where in the original story, she brings a caravan of valuable gifts for the Israelite King Solomon.