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URGENT - Britain is under communist attack - right now!

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User ID: 55615514
United Kingdom
09/11/2019 07:28 AM
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URGENT - Britain is under communist attack - right now!
if no one can see the UK is in a much more dire position than the US, then they must be either dead or blind, deaf and dumb.

1. Communist labour party and communist scottish parliament are attempting to assume power without a legal constitutional election by the public and those plotters already claim the referendum is invalid, threatened the monarchy and refused a general election, yet still want the keys to number 10.
2. forget brexit, it fogs your attention to what is actually happening, we are in the midst of doing everything we can to ward off a dictator who has fashioned a coup against our government, our monarchy and the people of the UK.
3. those involved are trying every possible avenue to undermine democracy and the house of lords are in on the coup.
4. communist EU are providing support and aid to the coup plotters by means of funding, political clout and delaying and refusing to talk brexit, this allows communist labour and communist scotland to ramp up the pressure by attempting to bind parties into a super party who are willing to allow dictator corbyn to assume absolute power over the government, constitution AND the monarchy.

Britain is staring directly into the eyes of a brutal dictator and war. decades of blood thirty dictator rule, extreme poverty, death penalty to critics and opponents. millions of lives are gonna perish at the hands of corbyn if we do not stop him and his fellow conspirators.

we must go all out war against states, allies who are helping corbyn and coup plotters, we must reach out to our friends over the pond to help stop the UK turning into cuba, Venezuela, ussr, north korea etc.

tell your friends, campaign your state and national politicians and help trend this issue.

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Yet we stand idle - We shall never surrender!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 75568318
United Kingdom
09/11/2019 07:33 AM
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Re: URGENT - Britain is under communist attack - right now!
The Queen is a traitor who only cares about her own family