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product placement

getting raped by adds
User ID: 67827831
09/11/2019 07:36 AM
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product placement
Still getting raped by adds every second. Tommorow I will be raped by more adds. How can you tolerate the fakeness. I have zero tolerance.

There's not one add that I care about. It's all illegal to me.

I dont give a shit about low prices or whatever the deal is suppose to be. Cause in the end it's an add. Stop putting a dollar on everything. I don't give a shit in the real world.

pissing around with your add rape like I'm going to be influenced. It's going to backfire one day, like a cult that has had it's day.

You have had your day in the add rape cult. I'm coming out of the cult now.

See if you can escape too.