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The cult that took the world by storm

trained numbers as pets
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09/11/2019 07:47 AM
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The cult that took the world by storm
This cult uses mainly advertising, combined with of course, the training of special numbers.

The leader of the cult set the numbers up globally on a huge scale, these numbers have being trained, like little pets. They are given objects, usually with faces on it, that can fit into a pocket or they can be put in a building with computers. The main idea of the objects is the numbers give them power.

these numbers jump around in different ways, but the numbers are very powerful with the cult leader, which you must obey.

I know it seems strange but it's the worse cult we have ever seen, and everybody knows it.

The cult leader sends it's army of mind manipulators in many ways, through television and the internet and in the street.

these adds will force you to do things. The numbers have being specially trained to carry out the advertisements. So you are trapped. The add tells you what to do, and the numbers carry out that function.

Eventually when you get deep into it, the numbers adopt you to do something yourself. When you start being a slave the numbers will respond and they respond in a few ways.

First if the advertisement is valid it will be verified by the numbers, and if you are a valid slave of those numbers then the numbers will answer you. depending on what they think you have done.

the worse thing about this cult is the leader is very hidden. You can't really track the leader of the cult down, because of all the adds and the numbers.