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09/12/2019 02:38 PM

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this started yesterday. at the time, i thought someone made an error. my TV is haunted by a mexican. HELP!!!!

while the Gf was watching her soap operas the thing started talking in tongues. guess it is spanish since i only speak ENGLISH. no, it is not the settings as the commercials are all in English,course those would work fine.even the local news was in English last night so i thought it was fixed. thought there did seem to be issues with the sound being muted or low off and on.

i think the invaders are trying to teach us how to speak their language.or at leasdt get us used to hearing it.

the good thing is the GF uses the closed captioning and that too is English since she can't hear the TV. the bad thing is I CAN HEAR IT. anyone a lawyer? if i hit the TV with a hammer and the GF throws a frying pan at me can i sue the cable co?lala

this has me traumatized. i am afraid to go outside without wearing a sombrero. DO NOT BRING THE TOMATOES INSIDE. they dont want to hear this sh*t they would grow funny too. even the pet has covered his ears and hid.


2020 The SHTF literally as TP ran out.

ARM like u never have before.
there is 1 force of magic left to counter whatever comes.

it is time to call GHOSTBUSTERS to build this city with rock n roll. turn every radio and stereo on in this whole damn world. mayb just mayb it works again.