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Message Subject Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Red meat is very bad for you, I agree...

that is because

1) it's shot up with female estrogens aka rBGH or rBST,

2) it's shot up full of antibiotics that weaken your immune system and

3) it's loaded with crazy glue (not the brand, but it's crazy the way they use tiny scraps of meat to make one steak... you're eating more glue than meat!)

4) It's loaded with GMOs courtesy of the GMOs the cows are fed. (Soy & corn)

5) It's loaded with toxins, by-products of cows being fed corn which is pig food. Cows don't have the stomach to digest corn. Corn does not have the nutrients cows need.

6) It's loaded with goitrogens, aka (GMO) soy residue in the meat.

Those 6 are the reasons why I agree that red meat is bad for you... but normal red meat isn't. (Normal = grassfed, organic... which sounds abnormal, such is the world we live in!)

Personally, I can't eat normal cow meat due to the ammonia by-process of digestion, I get ill instantly. I do mean flat in bed in agony. I haven't had the same problem with lamb, I have no idea why. And I am talking about grass-fed organic beef here! (Maybe we also have a problem with fake grass-fed meat?)

Oh, PS: you all know that Argentina, as of 2009 or slightly before, no longer has any organic, grass-fed beef, right?

Companion to my Gingerade info thread. If you want grass-fed organic beef, Uruguay is where it's at! The hush-hush organic community news in 2009 showed articles stating that Argentina had such high demand for beef from USA, they couldn't keep up and resorted to factory farming! >.< The demand was for ORGANIC grass-fed beef, they go and turn on us.

Be warned those of you who buy collagen powder products! Particularly that green canister which I believe is called Great Lakes It's all non-organic from Argentina, aka rBGH, rBST antibiotics, GMO-fed meat! Folks, if it NO LONGER SAYS ORGANIC where it once did, it's not! Quit fooling yourselves!

(My amazon reviews warning people on the great lakes cannister were deleted 10 years ago and I was prevented from reviewing anything! And the flak I got from buyers who preferred to poison themselves and hang on to their fantasy rather than to get out of denial and admit that their Great Lakes collagen is now tainted with Argentina factory farmed GMO shots! )
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