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Message Subject Eat Less Red Meat, Scientists Said. Now Some Believe That Was Bad Advice.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My family has eaten a diet rich in meat. As I write this, my dad is next to me and about 1 or 2 days away from dying of an aggressive colon cancer.
My grandmother died of the same issue.
I’ve been a chef and nutritionist, unbiased in my research because I know about the marketing and propaganda of all these industries. It all comes down to knowing and understanding each ingredient at a biological and cellular compound level.

There is a proper way to cook and eat all foods, and most importantly, in moderation (I.e leafy greens should be blanched to decrease oxalic acid that cause kidney stones). The foods should be from a clean source and not too heavily hybridized. Fruit is good in the A.M. for water and vitamin replenishment. Vegetables in the raw form best in the afternoon for minerals. A light cooked meal in the evening that is easily digestible.

The goal is for food to be easily digested, nutrient rich, and bioavailable.

Meat takes a long time to digest and actually starts to ferment in our long digestive system. When you eat other foods either before or after (like fruit) that digest faster, they will also ferment on top of the meat, causing yeast build up and inflammation. This is where disease starts to happen.

All in all, a diet should be about nutrient density and cleansing for healing and energy.
If you feel tired after a meal, you’re not eating the right stuff. If you feel hungry a lot, you’re malnourished. If you’re fat and lethargic, you’re eating improperly.

Bottom line, All foods can be medicine or poison.

Bottom bottom line... do a regular fasting regimen to clean out the pipes and restart. Our bodies are complex machinery that we know only little about. But what we do know is that they need care and attention.

I’ll leave this here for moreinfo since not many people know about all the other chemical compounds found in meat other than the parroted “protein.”

[link to nutrientrich.com (secure)]
“The stimulant hypoxanthine, not any special properties of its protein, vitamins, or minerals is responsible for the satisfying and stimulating effects of meat. It is similar in chemical formula and effect as caffeine.

It has been known since antiquity that those who regularly eat meat experience some degree of enervation when they are deprived of this food for some time. This sensation that “something is missing” always results from abruptly removing meat from the diet, even when it is replaced with plant foods and dietary supplements providing as much or even more protein and nutrients as meat.

He goes on to say, “that the enervation that some persons experience when they stop eating meat products is not due to a lack of its protein or other nutrients that some consider irreplaceable. It is due to a type of stimulant found in meat. Today it’s known that the muscle cells of meat contain Hypoxanthine, which increases in concentration as the meat ages.

Hypoxanthine and other similar substances, such as inosinic acid and guanylic acid, are present in meat. They have a chemical structure similar to that of caffeine in coffee or the theobromine in cocoa, with similar effects. They are central nervous system stimulants. They are addictive.

Hypoxanthine explains the stimulating effect of meat and it’s capacity to create a certain level of addiction, which manifests itself when meat is given up abruptly. Because of this, it is recommended that those wishing to replace meat with plant-based foods follow a transition diet to help avoid the effect of sudden deprivation.
 Quoting: LuckyBolt

Great post, thank you.
I can not eat red meat late in the day, it keeps me awake at night.
I was taught at a young age not to eat starch with protein, not to eat fruit with vegetables, not to eat fruit with protein, not to eat meat with milk and not to mix more than two proteins. (Jethro Kloss) Is any of that true?
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