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Car key fob dead-zone in Canada AGAIN

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10/05/2019 10:46 AM

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Car key fob dead-zone in Canada AGAIN
This time near Windsor, Ontario...

Car fobs won’t open car doors. Even when drivers get inside, they can’t start their keyless ignition cars. Alarms go off.
Drivers are stumped.

“It’s mind-boggling,” said Amherstburg resident Linda Crawford, who asked on Facebook Thursday whether other people had noticed a dead zone near a Sandwich Street South retail plaza with Canadian Tire gas pumps, Dollarama store and other businesses.

They certainly had. One of her friends climbed through her van before she was told her keyless ignition fob does have a key inside it. Another friend panicked when it happened across the street in the Canadian Tire parking lot.

“It’s the Amherstburg triangle instead of the Bermuda triangle,” Crawford said Friday.

Amherstburg Coun. Don McArthur said it has something to do with radio frequencies. The town is looking into it and McArthur reported the issue to the spectrum management and telecommunications division of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

A spokesperson for the federal department did not reply to the Star’s request for information Friday.

Mysterious key fob issues have occurred elsewhere. Earlier this year, key fobs stopped working at a grocery store parking lot in a small town in Alberta, where a faulty remote car starter was found to be causing the interference.

[link to windsorstar.com (secure)]
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