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Message Subject Numerous California Cities Warned Power May be SHUT OFF for 5 Days - Possibly Up to 7 Days - THE PURGE?
Poster Handle Grey Eagle
Post Content

I'm confused. I lived for a very long time in the USA, including 10 years in California, and until now, I have never heard of a fire being caused by windy, dry weather and the electrical grid. What did they change about the power grid that turned it into such a fire hazard?

Also, I went through the quake of 1989 in Northern California. It was a big one that caused a lot of serious damage, but they managed to get the power back on within a couple of days.
 Quoting: BirdMom

No ....it's because they are cheap as all fucking get out and are just not maintaining their wires....they do the same shit here in Pa. .....trees all in the wires so that every big storm or snow storm we have no power because they are out pulling trees off of wires that should have been trimmed back on a nice summer day....morans...all morans.
 Quoting: Kilroywashere 78033887

Ah, now I see. They aren't maintaining the trees near the wires. Saving pennies that will eventually cost them dollars.

In the case of San Fran shutting down the power for a week, that will cost them big time. Many businesses will be closed and lots of revenue lost.

I doubt they care though. From all appearances, they are deliberately destroying California.
 Quoting: BirdMom

by not voting liberals out of power, they are deliberately destroying themselves.

assuming they were duly elected...

this is a HUGE TOPIC
 Quoting: beeches
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