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Message Subject Numerous California Cities Warned Power May be SHUT OFF for 5 Days - Possibly Up to 7 Days - THE PURGE?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Why did they call the Paradise fire the 'Camp Fire'?
Campfire gets associated in the mind to tradegy and horror.
Banning campfires starts to get viewed as a good thing in the minds of the masses who don't understand how their mind control is working on them.

Campfires are used to heat people and to cook meat in the older days. It's modern day equivalents are wood stoves and bbqs. Which - surprise surprise - are being targeted for banning.

It all uses the same tactics - appeals to our safety and security and fear of death

Satan enslaves through this
We were all told to understand the schemes, they don't change
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5363976

This is downright EVIL> turning the power off means ppl can't access the water in their wells to FIGHT the fire with....
The horrible fires of last year were started through
DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS< not because of PG & E electric issues, this is a RUSE and a very sinister and dangerous one...PEOPLE NEED TO ABSOLUTELY NOT FALL FOR IT !

 Quoting: SkyTiger

Reminds me of the alleged project Zyphr
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