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Message Subject Numerous California Cities Warned Power May be SHUT OFF for 5 Days - Possibly Up to 7 Days - THE PURGE?
Poster Handle Teslahowitzer
Post Content
This is open warfare against Americans. And the enemy has already gotten a body count, of elderly people who got no info on the radio as their town "Paradise" no less (Another day in paradise everyone says, but they killed paradise) was burned to the ground due to neglect of offensive weapons due to high speed rail they intend to build.

Trump is kettled due to it being Rothschild,

he does not have HITLERBALLS to arrest Rothschild.

He will let all CA people suffer rather than step off script.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 70247223

why would he arrest his own sponsor? the problem here is YOU the stupid cattle. no matter how many times he exposes who he REALLY is? you idiots support him. its literally like endof 1984 where Winston "loves Big Brother".
scariest part of the equation is the masses, who absolutely refuse to confront reality if it dents their delusions.
purging such morons may be a good thing...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78050733

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