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Lab-grown meat cultivated in space for the first time

Prudent Nomad
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10/08/2019 10:15 PM

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Lab-grown meat cultivated in space for the first time
"Israel-based startup Aleph Farms has for the first time demonstrated the cultivation of lab-grown meat in off-Earth microgravity conditions. An experiment on the International Space Station reveals the potential for generating consistent supplies of meat for future deep space missions.

The experiment involved sending bovine cells up to the ISS and using a 3D bioprinter to cultivate the cells into small-scale muscle tissue. Aleph Farms says this is the first time this process has been attempted in microgravity conditions.

The company notes the proof-of-concept experiment is intended to demonstrate the efficiency of its cutting-edge cell cultivation process. Particularly of note is the claim this method of meat production utilizes significantly fewer natural resources than traditional animal farming, meaning it is a theoretically feasible strategy for generating food during long space voyages."

[link to newatlas.com (secure)]
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