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Message Subject HOLY SHIT!!! TRUMP says GULF WAR WAS fabricated!!!
Poster Handle Arkansas River Bard
Post Content
Islamic fundamentalism has spread like a fucking virus all over the World. Europe has virtually fallen. America is becoming a police state lauded over by a technocracy tied to our largest industry, war, and ya'll want to split hairs over what started it?

Then praise a man who is dancing and twirling as we edge toward oblivion? Because he acts like some damn reality TV Star that he is?

Oh, Great Odin! What about any of this wreaks of honor, truth, justice, or reality? Neither side in this fight has the best interests of America at heart.

America spurred Islamic Fundamentalism as a means to fight communism then surprise, your mad dog gets off the leash and eats your children.

I am no lover of war, not a "Trump hater", but I can see the folly in following any man who vapidly quips in "great and unmatched wisdom".

I've seen this movie before and all the Jedi get slaughtered.
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