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Message Subject Democrat Adam SchiTT Lies Again, Claims ‘Whistleblower’ has Been Receiving ‘Death Threats Forgets Whistleblower ANONYMOUS
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to dcwhispers.com (secure)]

He was put in charge of the fake House impeachment inquiry perhaps because of his penchant for lying about anything at any time and making good on the reputation yet again, here is Democrat Adam Schiff caught engaged in another fabrication. Schiff claimed the Ukraine whistleblower has been receiving “death threats.” Really? How is that possible given no-one is supposed to know who the fake whistleblower even is!???
JUST IN: Adam Schiff claims whistleblower in Ukraine scandal has been receiving death threats, but forgets the whistleblower is anonymous

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) October 8, 2019

If Schiff represents the best of the 2019 version of the Democrat Party, that’s a party in some serious trouble. He shouldn’t be trusted to fill a coffee order let alone chair a congressional committee.
 Quoting: HO LEE FUKK


It doesn't MATTER that these people are "the best" that the DemonRat party has to offer.



As long as our schools are teaching Marxism, as long as the MSM is controlled by globalist communists, as long as Hollywood is run by communists and satanists, as long as Google and YouTube are eradicating anything and everything that exposes the leftist slime for what they are...


It's only a matter of TIME.

Whenever Leftists are in power, they get most of what they want accomplished, unopposed. They have the MSM behind them, Hollywood, and Academia.

But when someone like Trump is in office, EVERYTHING HE DOES, is fought and opposed, tooth and nail.

Even a lot of the people who voted for Trump have forgotten just how LUCKY they are, to have had an extension given to them, before this country descends into the Gray State scenario. The one that got David Crowley and his family KILLED, just for making a movie about it.

Make no mistake...

When the Left takes over this country, and conservatives are in the minority, there WILL be camps OPEN FOR BUSINESS. There WILL be a modern day version of the Khmer Rouge, killing anyone who doesn't fit their communist mold.

That's why EVERY DemonRat is openly talking about REMOVING your ability to defend yourself.

These people are rabid, and they are demon possessed. If Trump does not get reelected, this nation is finally finished.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 68040374

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