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Global "Elites" flies thousands times more than the average

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South Africa
10/22/2019 07:40 AM
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Global "Elites" flies thousands times more than the average
A new Swedish study shows that the enemies of CO2 fly and release more CO2 than the average Joe, a lot more.
The worst climate crook is one Bill Gates that apparently release 1600 tons of CO2, second and third on the list are Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez with 1260 tons and 1050 tons respectively.

The average person release 100 kilos of CO2 compared to Bill Gates that release 160000 kilos of CO2.

The celeb with least amont of CO2 release is Emma Watson with
15000 kilos.

[link to www.friatider.se (secure)]

Celebrities, air travel, and social norms
[link to www.sciencedirect.com (secure)]

They sure are some role models these climate whining hypocrites.