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Andrew Cuomo message to Donald Trump - a fellow Queensite

Been There Before
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United States
11/01/2019 07:57 PM
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Andrew Cuomo message to Donald Trump - a fellow Queensite
DJT lived and grew up in Queens and NYC, made the city better after the 60's and 70's laid the damage and WASTE to NYC. He saw an opportunity for a city that he loved and now has decided to leave. What have the Cuomos done?

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

THIS is not unusual, to leave NYC, even for a billionaire sees the writing on the wall, NYC is effing DONE.

Over 500K people, taxpayers, left NY state just last year. JP Morgan is transitioning to Utah of all places.

Andrew Cuomo 'never vote for the homo' (Ed Koch election against Mario Il Supremo slogan) did not pay property tax when he was living with his girlfriend, at the time, Sandra, in Mt Kisco, NY, for how many years was that Andrew??

I hate that Monkey Face Andrew.