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VIDEO: Hong Kong Unmasked

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 78223201
12/04/2019 07:55 AM
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VIDEO: Hong Kong Unmasked
Hong Kong Unmasked

Hong Kong’s violent anti-government movement continues to rage. It has won the world’s attention and the support from politicians in the West. But what’s really fueling the chaos?

Through exclusive interviews and copious research, RT America’s Michele Greenstein, who was an eyewitness to the violence, paints a comprehensive picture of the protests.

“Hong Kong Unmasked” explains what sparked the unrest and the social problems that fuel it, and it reveals how forces in Washington have exploited it for their own ends.

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
User ID: 70585940
12/04/2019 07:58 AM
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Re: VIDEO: Hong Kong Unmasked
LOL.. counter agents tree piddly?