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Subject Do you think its on?
Poster Handle Seeker of Knowledge
Post Content
This has been in my mind as of late,well really for months now..

Do you think there is a real Possibility of a WAR in the spirit realm as we speak??

Real question,as i see what they are doing to Trump,and how he is being Protected from everything,its like God is protecting him for the BIG SHOW...

Remember Satan is no small feat,HE WILL BE LOCKED UP,But satan will fight for his Spirit life depends on it,and his hordes of demons are NOT GOING DOWN EASILY...

Just the Turmoil that is going on the World right now,makes me FEEL AS THE WAR HAS BEGAN IN THE SPIRIT REALM AND IS STARTING TO SPILL OVER INTO OUR Dimension...

Its just a thought,and a weird Feeling i have....could be REALLY OFF WITH THIS...

But seems Something is REALLY OFF...AND ITS GETTING WORSE.

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