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When I was a youngster in school, I had a deep patriotism about me. My father was a cop briefly, and it influenced me. Around 10-12 years old, I wanted to be a police officer. I wanted to "catch the bad guy" protect the "good guys".

9/11 Came around, and I remember seeing my stepmother pacing while talking about it on the phone all afternoon.
I remember being angry and wanting to do something about it, being only 12 years old.

High school came around, and I had a study hall class as a freshman that also doubled as a civics class for Seniors.
Marine recruiters came and talked to them and played this video for them.

I was Sold on the spot. I KNEW i wanted to join the Military. This was a few years after 9/11 mind you.
I decided I wanted to join ROTC to become an officer to have influence, an intelligence officer.

So I enlisted in the Army National Guard, and a month out of High School, and I was in basic training, pursuing my dreams of wanting to protect people. I maxed my PT test in Basic and AIT, and finished as the #1 Distinguished Honor Graduate at my AIT, for Information Technology Specialist.

I swore an oath to PROTECT AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, foreign AND DOMESTIC. It ment something to me when i swore that oath.

After basic training and AIT, I went to college. Joined my Unit, and then I saw the harsh reality. Here I was getting ready to turn 20, naive and full of determination and hope, and a hard work ethic.

I took my military science classes, jumped through all the hoops to qualify being contracted in the ROTC. Some of them aren't easy.

Well at this point I had been in the Army National Guard for a few years now. I discovered that it wasn't want I thought it was. I was looking for comradeship, honor, virtue, you know all the good things that come with the occupation that they teach you about.

Well I discovered that it was nearly the same as high school. Drama everywhere, people jockeying for power and control, looking to make themselves look good. Not based on achievements and work ethic, but based on your personality and who you could become friends with.

I discovered that a semester of voluntary uncontracted AIT was even worse. My fellow Cadets (i wasn't even considered a Cadet), all had this snarky better than you attitude because they were contracted and promised a commission. These kids have never been to basic training, they had never had the possibility of being deployed hanging over them. They were put in a position of power, and used it to puff themselves up.

The leadership above them promised and promised me I would be contracted once I found myself a unit that would accept me as a cadet, and then an officer. And i passed my PT test. I did both. I had paperwork going back 2 1/2 years proving that this was what I wanted to do.
Come to find out, it was a numbers game. They just wanted bodies there at ROTC to boost their reputation. The more people in ROTC (think of walk-on football) the better for them.


I look at America today, and it utterly disgusts me. I'm ashamed to call myself a American.

Where do I start with the problems of it. First off Capitalism...thats a joke. Look how that faired out.

I work at a Fast Food place, been doing that for the past 7 years. As a 30yr old with 7 years experience in the food industry, and a military background (even when I apply at a new restaurant), I get minimum wage, the same as people who have no experience still in high school.

The prices on the food, one order pays my hourly salary. And I can make upwards to 30-60 orders and hour.
This is the mentality companies have. The owners of these corporations. It is borderline slavery. Meanwhile these owners get big tax breaks and pay next to nothing.

Now that I'm on taxes...Look at how taxes work.

You work a job (that you are taxed on), to pay for a house (that has sales tax), and every year you must pay a property tax on for something you ALREADY own.

You don't pay your taxes, they can take away your home from you and kick you out if the bill gets high enough.

Over the years, I've been diagnosed schizo-affective. So now I've had firsthand knowledge of the medical side of things as well. First of all, our doctors are not taught to treat anymore. They are taught to prescribe. To give us these shiny pills to make everything magically better. Half the time the side effects are worse than what these pills treat.

These pills are designed not to cure, but to give you a placebo effect or next to nothing band-aid. They keep you coming back to get more and more pills, so you can pay these pharmaceutical companies. Thats when insurance comes into effect.

There are laws that force us to get insurance. Car/Medical insurance. We (not I, but most people) pay these premiums, and once and a blue moon needing to use them. (Think of how many times you actually used the insurance you pay for). And when you do, they nickle and dime you, to pay back the least they can. Medical insurance makes us only get the generic brand of medicine, and not the name brand "good" shit.

Car Insurance companies rather paying for lawyers to nickle and dime you down and find any reason or (make up a reason) to not dish out what you payed for. Meanwhile millions of Americans are paying into it on a monthly basis.

Now lets get to the Government Assistance part of it. I'm schizo-affective, with a debilitating mental disorder. There are sometimes I can't even function. So i seek out SSI or Food Stamps etc. for assistance to help me survive. Come to find out the system works against you there. For SSI, I must be out of work for over a year before I even quality (how the fuck am I supposed to survive that year with no income). My symptoms get worse as I get older, causing me lose a job multiple times, and damn nearly putting me homeless on multiple occasions.
I am DIAGNOSED by a doctor with my disorder, should be enough right to get assistance to help me survive. If by some miracle i get it, it would only be 765$ ish a month, which is less than I make at fast food, AND I would not be allowed to work while I am stable mentally or else I would lose it.

A few weeks ago, because I just relocated again, I tried calling this clinic to schedule an appointment with the a psychiatrist. It took me two weeks of calling (during business hours) and leaving 5 messages before I finally get an appointment. These people get to sit on their asses doing paperwork all day, no manual labor, so you think they would be able to pick up a damn phone.
Anyways I finally get my appointment, but come to find out it for 2 days later from the time i found out.
Ok great, at least I have one. So i then call this service that comes and picks people up and take them to their appointment when they have no transportation. Come to find out, I have to have my updated address in the Medicaid system before they can come get me, (like i'm going to lie about my location and they cant take my word for it, why else would i be calling this service).

So I do that, i call medicaid, and update my address, only to find out it takes upwards to a week to update in the system and then it has to go to the transportation service system to update....by the time this all happens, its past my appointment time and I can't make it. Again, wtf am I supposed to do.....I jump through these HURDLES that hinder and prevent me from doing what I need to do, only to be stopped in the end. The frustration is infuriating.

Oh but I can drive myself, after PAYING FOR A LICENSE, and paying for insurance every month while only working minimum wage and barely getting 20hr/wk.
Well I lost my license a few years ago due to the "system of the goverment" DMV laws.

My dad got a DUI doing a paper route, and couldnt drive no more. So i stepped up and drove his route for him and he sat beside me, and we delivered papers. (I did this for free, (well he bought my ciggerettes, thats it). I did this 7 nights a week. 8 hours each time for 7 months, and then 5 nights a week 6 hours each time. I did this because I HAD TO. We needed to pay our bills, we needed food. So my dad wouldn't lose his income, i stepped up.

Well our vehicle from wear and tear died on us, and we decided to get a new vehicle. We found one we could afford about 3-4 hours away and we bought it. Because it was bought in a different state, the DMV laws require a Bill of Sale that is Notarized to register the vehicle. A signed Title is not good enough (why the fuck will I have
a signed Title to the vehicle if I didn't buy it).

Well I still gotta pay the bills, I still got feed myself right? So i say fuck it and drive it anyways. I can get insurance on the car (companies don't mind insurancing and accepting payment for an illegal vehicle, because they know they wont have to pay out in the even of a crash). So i have insurance right. I have a valid license. I have a valid inspection sticker. The only thing illegal on it was the plates wasn't registered.

So i get pulled over multiple times because of invalid registering (not speeding, not running a red light). Paperwork violations. I can't get a notarized bill of sale because I've lost the number to the people i bought the car off of, 3-4 hours away. Like I'm going to be able to memorize how to get there. So these tickets add up, finally suspending my license. I keep driving, keep racking up tickets. Now I owe like 8,000 in tickets to get my license back, all because of technicality of not having the right PAPERWORK. But I did have a signed Title.

Guess what the government does now, they take my income tax returns every year to pay for it. I see nothing. I don't even bother doing them anymore. Waste of time.

Not to recently ago, I was in jail for a couple weeks because of Obstruction. I was going into a psychosis mentally and had an argument with my roommate. Claiming I didn't want to live anymore and basically voicing my anger. He called 911, trying to get me sent to a hospital. The cops show up. They immediately assume I'm on drugs when I plainly tell them I'm schizo-affective and need to go to a hospital. They keep asking me about my drug history, and I tell them like 6-7 times its a mental disorder and that I don't want to live anymore and that I hate life. They get agressive with me, so i raise my voice and start yelling at the officer trying to get through to him that I'm telling the truth. Next thing I know I'm face down on the concrete sidewalk outside of my house with a knee in my back and handcuffs on my wrists. Being charged with Obstruction.

It gets better, I get to the jail and I tell them about my mental disorder, of about how I get these moods where I hit rock bottom and desire to die. I tell them I need my meds. They then strip me down naked and put me on suicide watch in a freezing cell. With nothing to cover me but a mat. I start yelling and raising hell about corrupt prison systems and saying that the officer is a indoctrinated sheep who follows blindly. Without having any sense of right or wrong. I cry for help, and I get put into jail and stripped naked. All i want at this point is a fucking blanket, because I'm freezing. I see a stack of them through the small window in my cell door.

He then warns me to shut up or he is going to pepperspray me. I then start laughing and pointing out that he is offended by my words, and that he is so hurt by somebody behind a locked door that could not possible physically hurt him. I tell him to stop being butthurt over words and open his eyes to how wrong the system is. He then opens the cell door and pepper sprays me directly in my eyes, putting me in extreme agony for a hour, and burning my eyes for the next 3 days.

I could go on and on....about politicians, about lawyers, etc. But i don't have any personal experience in those matters, but I see it.

I wish America would hurry up and collapse already. Burn it down, burn it all to the ground. Wake up people, this is what the system, the government, the powers that be, have done to us.

And to think, I started out as being all Patriotic and gung-ho full of life and vigor in my youth. Now at 29, turning 30, this country disgusts me.

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