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Message Subject TESLA'S little-known speech on the ETHER
Poster Handle Begin Again.
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73577198

He’s a breath of fresh air lol
The quantum cult is real. It is one of the reasons I hated school and reading. While reading any form of hypothesis as fact religious, science, history, etc, was shown in its reading the fallacy almost like a trailing mind when reading not able to focus.

The concept of shadow gods and matter being evil stems from the ether(aether) and plasma residue of shadow.
I really liked what he said about quality not being able to be quantified.
 Quoting: Coming Into Existence

Yeah I wonder how different we would all be if we were taught/introduced to these concepts as young children.

He says matter= "laughably" called 'hard light'. "Really it is a 'ztp'= zero time particle. A dielectric condensate of an immense power."

I like 'hard light' lol(and 'dielectric condensate of an immense power' cause from where/what).

Presenter says Tesla said,
'aether tries to return to its state' and
'Our world will return to the aether'.

Do you think that's the same idea as the Kybalion's 'Indrawing'?
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