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Subject The Family
Poster Handle R. Wordsworth
Post Content
So I'm watching this documentary "The Family" on Netflix (INB4 I steal the service so shut up)

Anyways, they speak of this group in such ominous tones like they are the fucking boogeyman or something, and episode after episode I'm waiting for the hammer to drop... OK any minute now we're gonna see the evidence of kid fucking or there's gonna be some cyanide kool-aid handed out or something.

But no... seems like they are just Christians doing what the bible tells them to do. So is that scandalous now, just being a Christian and promoting Christian values???

They even manage to criticize Trump for not being religious enough, while at the same time trying to make these people look bad for being too religious... because Netflix.

When is there gonna be a documentary on Netflix about muslims doing what the Koran tells them to do? Will it have the same ominous overtones?

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