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Message Subject Coronavirus is mutating. Antibiotics don' t work.
Poster Handle Deplorable Revbo™
Post Content
Obviously antibiotics don't work, it's a VIRUS. Antibiotics are for bacteria.

Who TF schooled your ass? Too bad it had to be me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78251487

I think OP was just quoting the second article that he posted.

It's shocking, though, how few people know what ought to be common knowledge about the purpose of antibiotics, but they don't, or more appropriately won't, understand. You can even tell them and show them the evidence and they still won't believe it. My wife has a good friend who, every time one of her kids gets the sniffles, she take him to the doctor and gets a Z-pack. We've shown her everything there is to know about antibiotics and their utter ineffectiveness against viruses and she refuses to believe it, likely because her doctor, like all doctors, continues to placate her with the prescription she walked in the door for every time. Meanwhile, all these needless antibiotics are creating drug-resistant bacteria, polluting the water supply, and absolutely destroying people's beneficial gut bacteria.

What can ya do? 1dunno1
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