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Message Subject Coronavirus is mutating. Antibiotics don' t work.
Poster Handle Bodhi Sita
Post Content
NINE people have died from coronavirus and cases relating to the deadly virus have risen by more than 100 in a day to a total of 440.

The latest figures on coronavirus were announced by China's health authorities on Wednesday.

The virus could be declared a global health crisis today after cases of the mystery bug increased from 300 in one day.

It comes as experts in Britain said up to 10,000 people could already be infected and the death rate is currently the same as the Spanish flu epidemic, which killed millions after World War I.

[link to www.thesun.co.uk (secure)]

Antibiotics don't work!!!!
[link to www.mirror.co.uk (secure)]
 Quoting: The King of Rock 'n Roll

Eh retard...

Antibiotics dont work on any virus...
 Quoting: King Retard 78370136


If you are truly worried, get some dried elderberry and simmer it with cinnamon, clove and a dash of cayenne pepper.

When it cools to under 108 degrees, strain and blend with organic honey - unprocessed (raw).

Keep in fridge for up to two weeks. Take to boost your immune system or if you start to experience symptoms.

Elderberry is an antiviral.

You are welcome.

 Quoting: Bodhi Sita

That's exactly our recipe. Delicious and kills the hell out of viruses.
 Quoting: Deplorable Revbo™

I saw you had posted the same right after I did. This is definitely some good info to get out there.

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