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Friend of someone I know died of COVID-19

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03/19/2020 11:59 AM
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Friend of someone I know died of COVID-19
Two degrees of separation from me.

Someone I've known over twenty years informed me that a friend of theirs and his wife who both live in California contracted SARS-nCov-2 after visiting an ER. Both mostly healthy people, in their 50s. His wife is still recovering but he passed away. He was physically strong and an avid motorcyclist - a biker. As I understand it, he fell ill with "the flu" for a week or so, started feeling better, then it quickly came back worse.

He was in ICU with pneumonia and placed on oxygen. After a while it seemed he was stabilizing as they decremented oxygen over a period of days. Then he died.

If anyone thinks COVID-19 isn't real, or is a whole-cloth hoax, think again.