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Does anyone know if mass arrests have been made in Vatican City?

The Laughing Cavalier
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03/21/2020 03:25 AM

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Does anyone know if mass arrests have been made in Vatican City?
Hey, everyone.

With all the Q talk of mass arrests, I was wondering if any GLPers had any insight regarding the Pope and the paedo priests being arrested.

I say this, because it would make sense to claim Italy as a Coronavirus hotspot, so they could get easy access to the Vatican and the scum inside.

Let's get a good discussion going on this, as this situation is the one thing that is REALLY happening, out of all the various doom scenarios that are always on this site.

We are now at the point where the world is literally falling down around our ears.

Also, any info on what the Queen is up to? Surely she should be taken down as well as her fucked-up family!
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