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Message Subject What IF this is REAL FUCKING DOOM !! seriously.. DOOM...
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Been reading, thinking and have followed since jan 29th. Ive taken the liberty of going to the EXTREME with this mentally- have you DOOMERS? Everyone has their opinions and they have been on Full display here. I've read the following..

up to 24 days incubation
masks dont work
on surfaces for up to 7 days
MUTABLE or is it mutatable? !!!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<< THIS ONE TO DISCUSS
you can get again

if the fucking thing can mutate? uh, yeah..
NO one knows the end game of this thing. I suspect it is going to wipe out 90% of humanity in the end. So there it is Have fun. Cheers..
 Quoting: Ghetto Guy

How about this:

China just reported an outbreak of Hantavirus (fuck that shit is nasty!), and they have all these carriers of COVID still running around for sure!

The Hantavirus joins up with COVID to become airborne fucking EBOLA basically.

The nastiest contagions on earth:

1) Marburg Virus
2) Ebola
3) Hantavirus

Think about that!
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