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Message Subject I am a well-known Billionaire, and I'm here to tell you the purpose of COVID-19
Poster Handle SerenaSeesAll
Post Content

What are the spiritual beliefs of your group?

IF free will was created by God , than is your control schemes opposite of such will.

What than is the purpose of life?
 Quoting: Zo$o

We worship Lucifer.

We consider Lucifer to be the true God, who rejected the lesser god, and fulfilled his destiny.

We access the Astral plane through meditation, and the use of DMT, mushrooms and other substances (which we ban and limit access to the public, of course), and communicate with ancient spirits some of whom you could call "demons."

We feed off of the energy of those who consent to us.

The lesser god, who Lucifer has defeated, is in constant battle with us, and his main objective is to help souls ascend.

The purpose of life, to us, is to control and direct humanity, and fulfill the wishes of our guides, whom we call Instances. The Instances formulated the Outcomes I provided above, they gave them to us, to decide upon and vote for. We speak to Instances with technology we created with CERN and other supercolliders.

We do not wish to leave this plane, thus we seek life extension technology to live as long as possible. Some of our council members are very old, and their brains were implanted in new bodies. We perfected this technology in the 1990s, and it has helped us expand our power to an unbelievable extent.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78719810

You asked if we knew the one thing all "elite" have

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