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Subject Tale of two pandemics in the US
Poster Handle Redcat1
Post Content
Like many things in the US the situation varies depending on what state you are in.

The fact is that a small handful have a very serious problem - and most do not.

The states with highest death rate per person of population are:

Approximate deaths per 100,000 as of yesterday:

NY - 15
LA - 8
NJ - 7
MI - 5

All the rest are below 4 but most are actually below 1 death per 100,000 so far.

If our remove just those states from the numbers the death rate per person in the US goes from around 2 to less than 1.

34 states - over 2/3rds - had less than one (1) death per 100,000 of residents.

The vast majority of the country is not in a pandemic.
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