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Message Subject The Greatest Show On Earth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This has to be the greatest show on earth!

What a crazy cast of characters (honestly)!

* Donald J. Trump aka: Bigly Brain

* Mike Pence aka: Coronavirus Crusader

* Anthony Fauci aka: Franken'Fauci

* Deborah Birx aka: Sanctimonious Scarf Lady

* Steve Mnuchin aka: Monopoly Mogul

Bigly Brain thinks he's a doctor/pharmacist/surgeon all-in-one package deal!

Coronavirus Crusader will kill you without blinking (no joke)! Best to obey orders!

Who knows what vile creatures Franken'Fauci has created in his lab...

The Sanctimonious Scarf Lady really freaks me out ... her scarfs have hidden meanings!

The Monopoly Mogul tousses TRILLION$ around like it's play money ... but it's not!!!

And don't get me started about the opposition led by Cryin' Chuck and Nancy Piglosi.

Only in America.

These are the folks who are supposed to save us?

God help us! I mean that...
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