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Message Subject LIVE: President Trump URGENT Press Briefing from the White House
Poster Handle dsteele
Post Content

You are correct
 Quoting: MKPitBull

Fuck your derailing theological debate. This is about government officials infringing on the Inalienable Rights of the American People - their Right to exercise their Freedom OF Religion (if any) however they see fit, their Right to Assemble, their Right of Movement, etc, via a Global Pandemic Fear Mongering Propaganda Blitz, of which, coincidentally, the Draconian guidelines closely resemble calibration measures for digital video surveillance (eg 6 feet apart) and training of facial recognition software (eg masks).

Fuck your derailing, fuck that proxy bot's propaganda script, and fuck the Obama Administration for taking Chinese bribes, committing Treason, and ushering in some Dystopian Surveillance State.

OBAMAGATE, you fucking Script Kiddies.
 Quoting: Paranoid Chick

On the other hand you have no rights to spread diseases all over. Only people with little faith need a church to go to anyway.
 Quoting: NDFarm

Shove that spread the disease shit straight up your ass. I've been working all through this "crisis," and traffic is just as bad as it was before it started. People are out and about at all hours.
 Quoting: Where Eagles Dare

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