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Whats going to happen in between now and september

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06/01/2020 09:10 AM
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Whats going to happen in between now and september
Riots happened and Corona was magically forgotten

If nothing is done about these riots in the US, I can see the following happening :

1. international Flights will open worldwide (already started)

2. Riots will begin across other western countries thanks to funded organisations and Agent Provocateurs, they will be for George Floyd, but the reasons for rioting will shift to other ones quite quickly. I can see the next ones starting in the UK and France (give it a few days)

3. Protesting and riots will be allowed to continue until the end of june, mid July

4. By end of July to mid August, Coronavirus will come back into the news, they will say the 2nd wave has started due to the riots and lack of social distancing (it will be a new stronger strain)

5. Because international flights have been reopened and people have gone back to work, the virus was not contained to the US (the blame will obviously be put on President Trump)
It is important for the fraud that most major western countries implement lockdowns, Europe wants rid of the US President as much as the Democrats.

6. Lockdowns will come back into effect (but even stricter), across western countries, including the US, the dems will obviously push for mail-in ballots, and another impeachment (this time for mishandling national security, they don't want him on the ballots)

I think this is what the DS is trying. It's going to get dirty, really quick.

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