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A Bunch Of 'Karens' - Why Are Female High Profile Democrats So Miserable, Angry And Hate-Filled?

Coastie Patriot
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06/02/2020 08:08 AM

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A Bunch Of 'Karens' - Why Are Female High Profile Democrats So Miserable, Angry And Hate-Filled?
- There Are Some Women That Are Not Happy Unless They Make Everyone As Miserable As They Are

Can you name a female Congress person not of your state? Either in the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House of Representatives?

Undoubtedly almost all of us can name at least one, most likely due to something in the news spotlighting her, or her actions.

Unfortunately national negative news sticks in the mind far longer than good news does. Perhaps that is the medias' mindset of "if it bleeds, it leads." Whatever the reason, when thinking of a female politician, generally, whether you are a conservative or a liberal, it is a Democrat female that comes to mind.

If asked, there is a very high probability that both conservatives and liberals would name the same people. Not because that woman was in the news per se, but more than likely because of why they were in the news.

Liberals would highlight that Democrat politicians because they believe in the socialist, nanny-state and communistic causes, such as The Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all, or in the case of Nancy Pelosi because she is willing to put party above the country as long as it means hurting President Donald Trump..... liberals absolutely love her for that.

We also note it is the female liberal governors that have implemented some of the most draconian and tyrannical lockdown rules during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below, we are going to discuss the reasons for all this.....

[link to allnewspipeline.com (secure)]
Coastie Patriot


Dr Thaddeus They
They don't really care whether the truth gets out, because the public no longer knows what's meant by "the truth."

Well, I mean, no one can tell the difference anymore between what's real and what's fake.

Anyway, the point is, I can tell you all of this, right out in the open, because it doesn't matter who knows about it. They won't know whether to believe it or not.-
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to grow up remembering th

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