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Message Subject Kneeling is the new bullshit fad, just like the ice bucket challenge
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
To kneel is a physical act of showing submission.
To kneel can also be a form of worship.

Mass programming is now complete.
Instead of dumping ice water on your head or planking on picnic table, people will kneel.
They will kneel as if they were hypnotized or programmed.

Soon these brain-washed masses of people will kneel to a man who will "save" them from this chaotic man-made event.
The Bible calls him the man of perdition.
The anti-Christ.

The last few generations of children have been groomed to receive this coming man who will rule.
They will stand in long lines to get The Mark of the Beast and bow and kneel in worship to him.
Many say it is B.O.
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