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Message Subject For those that had the 'rona, do you know how you got it or who gave it to you??
Poster Handle ~Blue Spirit~
Post Content
2 neighbours across the drive from me...

A Wife and a Husband both tested positive for it, apparently... they were in the hospital for around a month.. well, the Wife seemingly recovered with only mild symptoms such as a slight cough whilst the husband's symptoms lingered so he was in hospital a little longer than her...

They're both out of hospital now though and have recovered, they're at home isolating... They're both around their mid 50's - early 60's in age...
 Quoting: ~Blue Spirit~

What area??? Is it one of the hotspots?? or potentially a new one.

Out of the 3 c`s.. it sounds community.
 Quoting: Cynical Realist WASH HANDS

It's a rural area, NE and they're the only one's to have tested positive for it as far as I know of...

No one else has complained of any symptoms for it in our area... this was back in March though, as far as I'm aware...

They're both "doing well" now at home, from what I've heard off other neighbours and the couple's daughter...

She usually drops by their home to run errands for them that I've seen so far but there is also a nurse or care worker who drops by every so often to check on them etc...
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