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Branded Masks invite demonic attack

User ID: 72753913
United States
09/16/2020 03:25 AM
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Branded Masks invite demonic attack
much has been said about the mask ritual, but one thing seems to have gone unnoticed, Branded Masks with expressive motiffs like Maga or BLM will invite an organic portal attack to break your face, on the obvious physical level your bound to offend a pollitically programmed zombie karen or kyle and get attacked instantly, or so you assume but in reality the scary part is that these npc organic portals are really souless husks, flesh bags containing demonic consciousness that simply act on a whim. Any who wears any sort of branded closed is thouroughly programmed, especially avoid the ones that are wearing savage brand

any person with sense would avoid being out in a public place at all, you should go in and out of establishments as quickly as possible, remember for every real soul there ten organic portals npc.