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Message Subject Qanon, Trump, Biden, it's all a LARP an you know it
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Don't lose what hope you've gained. I think he's in a tremendous amount of danger, and I hate that, but I think at this point they realize if they did something it would only covince us of their corruption further. They're on tenderhooks right now, and if they hurt him, he would just become a martyr. Despite what the msm says, there is a huge amount of enthusiasm around his administration, but that enthusiasm could change to anger really quick if they did something very drastic. There's also the theory that most of the arrests and the clean-out has already taken place, so that would remove a lot of their ability to conspire. I don't subscribe to that belief though.

What you've got to remeber is that this whole shit-show has really opened a lot of eyes. Whether you like him or not, he's made paying attention to government popular again. We've needed people to pay attention for a long time, and now it has FINALLY happeded. No matter how this all pans out, Trump has influenced more people to question everything. He's helped create an informed electorate, and THAT is making America great again imo. He could be full of bologna, but if he's an insider, he's the first one to tell you to question the media, make your own decisions, and not follow blindly. That's why I choose to hope.
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