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Ottoman Empire Redux: Erdogan Tells the World ‘Jerusalem Is Ours’


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10/04/2020 12:25 PM

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Ottoman Empire Redux: Erdogan Tells the World ‘Jerusalem Is Ours’
Erdogan made his public claim Thursday as during a major policy speech in Ankara. He said:

"In this city that we had to leave in tears during the First World War, it is still possible to come across traces of the Ottoman resistance. So Jerusalem is our city, a city from us. Our first qibla [direction of prayer in Islam] al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem are the symbolic mosques of our faith."

[link to www.breitbart.com (secure)]

Wonder how long it'll be until he calls up his army of islamists hiding all over Europe and fights to establish his new Caliphate.

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