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Subject 'Breakthrough Finding' Reveals Why Certain COVID Patients Die - offers hope for lower death rate
Poster Handle TheTruthMongerô
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[link to observer.com (secure)]

"A pair of new studies on COVID-19 patients have found that the coronavirus is more deadly to some patients than others due to some having a previously unknown antibody. The findings could potentially help scientists and doctors identify highly vulnerable patients early on and develop targeted therapies to save lives—at a time when COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing across the U.S. and hospitals are filling up quickly."

"These antibodies are called “autoantibodies” because they attack the body itself. They are created when the body is attacked by autoimmune diseases, such as Lupus and Type 1 diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, for example, a confused immune system fights viruses by attacking insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. When a patient has these autoantibodies, their body is unable to generate interferons, which defends the immune system by activating virus-fighting genes. They are particularly important for protecting the body against new viruses, such as COVID-19."



[link to observer.com (secure)]
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