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5-D CHESS!! Trump administration has been investigating voter fraud since 2017!!


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United States
11/20/2020 04:01 PM

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5-D CHESS!! Trump administration has been investigating voter fraud since 2017!!
This information comes from Washington State's current Secretary of State Kim Wyman in a 2019 interview. Wyman is responsible for the security of Washington State elections.

"Even beyond security, our transparency laws present a challenge. The Trump administration put together a commission on election fraud in 2017. They asked all the states to give their data and they were going to figure out if there had been any instances of non-citizens voting.

Of course, that set off all sorts of political fires. My congressional delegation members and the governor called me saying, “Don’t give the Trump administration the data.” My response was: “I won’t give them private data, but I have to give them the public data.” Actually, anyone can go online and download our data. That was a shock to a lot of those members of Congress and the governor because they didn’t realize it was public information."
[link to www.geekwire.com (secure)]

BTW, the congressional delegation included man-hating Demonrat Senators Patty Murry and Maria Cantwell, and the governor is of course Jay Inslee. Trump's administration has been studying voter fraud since at least 2017, and I think that when we are now told that they have caught the Demonrats, that is exactly what Trump means.