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There is a third option besides SCOTUS and martial law...

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12/07/2020 03:40 PM
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There is a third option besides SCOTUS and martial law...

Trump could decide to introduce the world to his allies from the Galactic Federation, these are beautiful people and they would then publicly show the evidence of election fraud and COVID fraud that has been recorded in the akashic records. Practically this disclosure would come as a mass knowledge download directly into the brains of all human beings.

Immediately after the download the Biden team, with tears streaming down from their eyes, will capitulate and beg for forgiveness. Trump would then be the candidate with the most votes again and become president with 540 electoral votes.

All democrats, leftists, Thunbergs, BLMs, ANTIFAs, etc. around the world would realize what horrible evil had possessed them and with tears flowing from their eyes they would repent and kneel down before us normal people and we would, after a short pause with a stern look, generously decide to forgive them all their sins.

Shortly after that the constitution of the USA would be altered so that Trump can have as many terms as needed, his eternal youth (as well as that of all people on earth) will be granted by the superior technology of the Galactic Federation.


I believe this scenario is the most realistic, it is also the scenario that will cause the least upset and everybody will be happy with it. This is why I think this scenario will be chosen.