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Subject You know why History is DOOMED to repeat itself? Human Lifespan is a clue.......
Poster Handle Ben Kenobi
Post Content
Think of the legal evidential term know as hearsay.

Basically, if you're not their to personally witness it, there in no way of verifying it's


Without first hand knowledge or experience, it bears little weight to allow the mind

to learn from it.

We live a lifetime.

All learning is completed during that lifetime.

Recorded history is relevant only in a general sense.

This because the "accounts" conveyed in History Books is filtered by the bias of

the authors.

I've learned a small amount during my brief time on this planet.

My observations.

1) Power = aphrodisiac for corruption

2) Lying = natural state of humanity (survival instinct for self-preservation)

3) Greed = See # 2

4) Animals = Humans (we are animals first, then we try unsuccessfully to

distinguish ourselves from that fact)

There are more, but this is a start.
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