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Message Subject You know why History is DOOMED to repeat itself? Human Lifespan is a clue.......
Poster Handle Mr.Borg
Post Content
We started to understand life only around 50, but we can only say that we learned how to live only after 60, where the only thing we can do is try to teach the youngest, who obviously do not learn by example or by words, cycle repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and most never learn anything, just repeat the pattern.

If the human being does not live at least 10,000 years then it is not even worth trying to learn anything beyond what is essential for survival, trying to become wise, understanding the secrets of the universe, all nonsense. Try so hard, in the end to be just the smartest corpse in the cemetery.

Life with this ridiculous duration of 80 years, with a maximum of 60 useful years, is a waste of energy.

When I was 60 I understood a lot of things, if I could go back I would spend more time screwing bitches and less time trying to find the truth. In the end, idiots are always right.

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