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Subject Are the courts truly just?
Poster Handle rachel3108
Post Content
I have kids with an abusive, psychopathic 80-year old

Yeah, my mistake

Every lawyer I have spoken to says that if I pay them $7000 plus tens of thousands in legal fees, I might be able to negotiate an agreement for him to have a right to see my kids for my entire life forever enslaving me to him

I can’t leave the country, I can’t go through a week without him driving us all mad

No child support, no consistent help in any regard, no empathy, no functionality beyond a 10 year old

My parents who abused me ( for big names $$$$ ) to will not pay for this and I have only started holding down a full time job and cannot afford that legal battle

So, are the courts in this country just? In my case they have not been. I have been saying for weeks that the law will be upheld

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