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Movie / Film the AI Terminator has you on target, Sarah Connor

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79860764
United States
01/10/2021 01:50 AM
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Movie / Film the AI Terminator has you on target, Sarah Connor
I'm swimming in the salt of the ocean, the life guard refused to rescue me, told me to swim back with sharks on my own now..

Their was no life guard. On my own with SkyNet

Sarah connor spoke of skynet she was solo and
Terminator A.I came from the future to destroy her past. Sarah connor knew Terminator AI (artificial intelligence) was coming, she didn't know when or where.

Terminator AI wants to destroy her as a target but God let her live, the cursed mark of Cain

Terminator knows what she knows, wants rid of her.

Terminator the movie / film.

AI, red eyes, silver metallic body.

SkyNet created the future AI

Sarah Connor was a survivor with intuition.

Sarah connor went to the psyche ward for her psychology, the professional doctor thought she was crazy.

Then Terminator AI opens the door at the psychiatric center and notices the doctor, trying to find Sarah Connor locked in prison in the psyche ward.

She was in prison and AI was trying to kill her, yet broke her out unintentionally allowing her to escape the place she hated only to realize during the movie / film Terminator she had to run, run, run. AI broke her out and she runs . The doctor who said she was crazy was murdered by a machine of the future.

Sarah is a biblical name. Learn her name meaning.

In the beginning of Terminator, AI arrived to the past before computers were used, there was no FaceBook social network in Sarah Connors world.