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Message Subject Telegram DECLAS
Poster Handle KickinthnuT
Post Content
you should install telegram and check the page out. I was hesitant at first but its FNAWSOME shows how bidens Inauguration was a sham , its got the 4 page contract with china. JFK released finally. Bush sr in on it also tried to take out Ronald R 6 times!, JFKJR released bomb was put in rear compartment on the plane. has many pics and also shows a letter jfkjr had on him that started with "Senator Biden you are a TRAITOR" they are coming clean about aliens here, contracts with Greys. currently Joe Arpaio is stating that he has been investigation obamas birth certificate still and its 100% fake so is his service record. so Obama probably has some shit headed his way. also they have 1800 ongoing pedo cases currently and just saved 35+ kids in LA this weekend. oh yeah and It shows who I think was hunter with some asian girl barely tall enough to open a door.... fukn finally. This is the point where I join the bandwagon and say if nothing comes of this I'm fuckin doing something about it.

If what is posted is legit and it looks like it is the United States inc went Bankrupt Friday God Bless Donald Trump. Bring on the United States of the Republic

oh and much thanks to the guy driving nonstop eating ramen and uploading data for us.
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